Beth Wells Photography: Blog en-us (C) Beth Wells Photography (Beth Wells Photography) Fri, 26 Feb 2016 06:16:00 GMT Fri, 26 Feb 2016 06:16:00 GMT Beth Wells Photography: Blog 120 80 Basketball Many years ago, I loved playing basketball.  So it was natural to encourage my own girl to start playing at a young age. She loved her games at the YMCA. The fundamentals were taught and many hours of devotion from volunteer coaches were appreciated.  At the third grade level, Jade was allowed to join our town's travelling basketball team. I am thankful for the opportunity to join such a nice program for young people. She has built friendships and skills that only hours of practicing can build. She had played throughout her grade school years from 1st grade and on. The love of the game was second to the friendships she grew to treasure.   She and her team love the sport.  It shows on their faces during each warm up time and every game.  

I love the game and really love capturing still shots of time when the girls are moving quickly and in the "heat of battle". It is now a more aggressive game with broken fingers, sore ankles, cuts and scratches, and pure exhaustion. Being a photographer and a basketball mom, I love to get the players in photographs that can be treasured in years to come.  When we as parents think our girls are so big on the court, in actuality, years from now we will look back on them being "so little" in the photos taken in this present day.  

I offer many options for buying my work.  Feel free to message me on my facebook messages under Beth Wells Landry. Each photo has a button that says "buy".  Press that and the options for so many fun products will show on your screen.  

If you would like more photos of your girl or boy playing their favorite sport, just let me know and I will come to their game or practices for close ups of your child.  

Game On!  


Beth Eighth Grade Lady Giants 2015Team: True Effort Accomplishes Much

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Snow Storm Mornings Every snow storm is exciting to me.  Yesterday I was cozy in my bed and contemplated staying wrapped up in my warm blanket.  Instead, I made myself get my snow boots and winter garb on to head out into the snow drifts on my country lane.  Please check out the photos I have posted today! I am also adding my instagram icon to guide you to my profile on instagram.  I hope you will follow my blog and my posts.  


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Beth Wells Photography Looking through my lens, I see so much more than a scene.  I see the shadows and sun dancing off a little girl's curls, a little boy's imperfect smile that brightens up a room, a grandfather's wrinkled hand that grasps his grandchild's shoulder, and the beautiful details of my subject's face.

Not only do I get to spend time with friends and also make new friends in the process of being a photographer, I learn more about photography during each and every session.  My professional journey is never ending and I hope to show you a bit of my experiences as a photographer in the albums of my page.  


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